Integrated LED T8(T5) tube

Integrated T8(T5) tube is an excellent choice when it comes to deciding between to upgrade or to retrofit your old fluorescent lighting. This light is one of those LED lights that is very easy to replace and to install in a series because of its plug-and-play design. Its super high luminous efficacy makes you feel satisfied with the lighting that you, and its long service life helps you not only in saving 60% energy but also in money. It is way better than the other conventional tubes.

Integrated T8(T5) tube has a structure of PC diffuser and a body made of aluminum. It is ideal for lighting larger areas, for example, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, parking lots, utility service rooms, workshops, indoor car parks, schools, and other industrial or public areas. It is promising, durable, and safe as it is designed with high quality and resistance to rust and dust.